“…Falling In Love,” between Cagney and his soon to be wife (a luminous Ellen Zolezzi)… Zolezzi dazzles us in “There’s Nothing I Won’t Do For You,” and continues to do so throughout with a variety of colorful denizens in Cagney’s life. She creates such a personable character in Willie Cagney, a strong woman who can hold her own against her husband, but is also faithfully supportive.”  

~Robert Jones /Centre On The Aisle

“Ellen Zolezzi is wonderful as the love of Cagney’s life, Willie.  Ms. Zolezzi’s singing and dancing is most captivating when the couple first meets backstage and dance The Peabody.”

~Darryl Reilly / TheatreScene.net

"Ellen Zolezzi as Willie, Cagney's wife, is warm, loving and one tough nut who is endearing and adorable to watch."

~Matt Dsilva / West 42nd Magazine 

 “Cagney was an expert performer, who could do it all sing, dance, play the bad guy, the good guy, the patriot, the gangster. Apparently the supporting players do it all, as well. They sing, dance, and play numerous characters, switching costumes and personas with flawless ease. They are Jeremy Benton, Danette Holden, Bruce Sabath, Josh Walden, and Ellen Zolezzi.”
~Patrick Christiano / TheatreLife.com

 “What a fun show I have for you, it’s a winner, Cagney playing at the Westside Theatre/Upstairs is a must.”

~Joyce Hauser / Arts & Leisure News

 “Ellen Zolezzi is darling as Cagney’s devoted wife Willie…”

~Navida Stein / Stage Buddy

 “Actors Jeremy Benton, Danette Holden, Bruce Sabath, Josh Walden, and Ellen Zolezzi, play many roles and really pack a wallop.” ~Marcina Zaccaria / Theatre Pizzazz 

 “This is a show that you must see!... The music numbers are perfectly orchestrated and performed with a flexible and impeccable    cast who is changing from one character to the other with talent.”

~The Culture News

"Ellen Zolezzi is delightful as Willie, the vaudeville partner who became Cagney's wife..."

~ Elyse Sommer / Curtain Up

 “Cagney is the poor man’s Hamilton, another rapid-fire musical about a struggling New Yorker…Zolezzi is also winning as Willie, with a clear, clean singing voice that defies the acoustically challenged Westside Theatre…there’s also a delightful duet (“Falling in Love”) with Creighton and Zolezzi trying hard to pronounce their love for each other.”
~ Stan Friedman New York Theatre Guide

"This show is so full of vitality, swirling feet, crowd-pleasing songs and dances that you have to look at your Playbill to believe so many characters filling the stage are played by a supporting cast of only five people."
​ ~Rex Reed / Observer

CAGNEY ~the hit new musical playing at the westside theatre NYC

johnny on a spot ~Theatre at st clements NYC

Reel To Real ~Broadway Asia

white christmas ~carousel dinner theatre

CRAZY FOR YOU ~Merry go round playhouse


“An exhilarating blend of the best of Broadway and Hollywood.”

 “An eye-popping spectacle!”

 “Guaranteed pleasure…the razzmatazz of a live Broadway show. Good fun.”   

 “Ellen Zolezzi, who plays sister and nemesis Jill, takes the greatest personal journey...The ensemble's Wash That Man Right Outta My Hair, led by Zolezzi, is an absolute delight.”

 “Jaw-dropping…aurally and visually radiant…a joy to watch. Sheer brilliance…purely delightful.”

Ellen Z. Wright

“Ellen Zolezzi skillfully plays Polly with a tough exterior that immediately melts when she yearns for that "Someone to Watch Over Me.” 
~The Rochester City, New York  

 "Much of the weight is pulled by the two leads, so it's a good thing that Waldon and Zolezzi are attractive, multi threat performers....Like a pairing of Tiger Woodses, they keep whacking the ball straight down the fairway....Zolezzi has plenty of brass evoking a bit of Ethel Merman, the original Polly. But she's most winning in the more plaintive Gershwin, especially the first act's "Someone To Watch Over Me" and the second act's "But Not For Me.”
~Syracuse New Times

 "Casting is one of the strongest points. Ellen Zolezzi is featured as Polly Baker, the female lead, and she's not only a graceful dancer but delivers as a singer too. Anyone called upon to sing 'Someone To Watch Over Me', 'Embraceable You',and 'I Got Rhythm' in one act has been subjected to the musical comedy survival test, and Zolezzi is winning in each number."
~The Post Standard, New York

 "...Ellen Zolezzi is perfect as the girl of his dreams, and she delivers the goods with the most familiar songs in the show.....she too seems incapable of a false moment or read, and she can dance with the best of them."
~The Citizen. Auburn, New York

"Ellen Zolezzi, who portrays Julie Glynn, Governor Upjohn’s sarcastic, though loyal secretary also deserves a special mention. In a screwball comedy, the absurdity of a given scene is usually best accentuated by the commentary and/or body language of one character that is obviously smarter than everyone else in the immediate vicinity. Julie is this indispensable character, and Zolezzi devastatingly deadpans her way through "Johnny On A Spot," delivering potshots and comebacks that help establish Julie as the play’s moral center and her happiness as the audience’s rooting interest."
-Edge Boston

“Mark Manley as pliant Judge Webster and Ellen Zolezzi as the governor's honest secretary are standouts. "
-Bloomberg Muse

 "Ably supported by the attractive Zolezzi..."

"Roy's fast-thinking Nickey is solidly appealing, as is Ellen Zolezzi as the hard-nosed but soft-hearted secretary he loves."
~Broadway World.com

"Both Webster and Kusick, whose nickname "Booter" comes from his willingness to kick his allies when they're down, abet and hinder Allen's increasingly frantic plans. So does Julie (a sweet, yet hard-nosed, Ellen Zolezzi) "
-Theater Mania

"...rest assured Carousel’s stars – Richard Roland as Bob Wallace, Josh Walden (in the Danny Kaye role of Phil Davis), Susan Derry as Betty Haynes (originally played by Rosemary Clooney) and Ellen Zolezzi as Judy Haynes (created by Vera-Ellen) take little time to prove they’re definitely up to the demanding task of winning the audience over and making the roles their own."
~Rex Huffman, T-R Entertainment Editor

"...a pair of attractive sisters, seriouse Betty (Susan Derry) and effervescent Judy (Ellen Zolezzi)...The cast is terrific down the line, with lots of visible chemistry. As the high-energy pair of lovebirds Phil and Judy, Walden and Zolezzi exude personality and fun and plenty of dance dazzle in their big production number "I Love A Piano".
~Dane Kane, Repository Entertainment Editor

 "Zolezzi is determined and upbeat as Judy."
~Elaine Guregian,  Beacon Journal

"Cast members include Richard Roland as Bob, Josh Walden as Phil, Susan Derry as Betty, Ellen Zolezzi as Judy.... Their voices blended as well as their lyrical movement
​~Denise Jenkins